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Success Stories: Case Study - Springfields Fuels


"We chose Transoft for this complex and demanding migration as it had both the technical expertise to convert our OpenVMS applications to Windows, and a well-established migration methodology."

Martin Heaton, Control Systems Development Manager, Springfields Fuels

Springfields Fuels has provided products and services to over 140 reactors in 12 countries. Its Control Systems application software controls the manufacture of fuel elements for nuclear stations.

All production control data is fed into a shared proprietary OpenVMS-based Rdb database. The applications ran under OpenVMS on HP (DEC) VAX server hardware and were written in Pascal and C using the Rdb database and DCL scripting language.

Transoft migrated Springfields Fuels’ critical Control Systems application to an open and more flexible Windows Server environment using the Transoft Legacy Liberator toolset for OpenVMS to automate the majority of the migration process.

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