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Transoft successfully completed a migration project for cosmetics giant L’Oreal in Mexico. In conjunction with its local partner, Unycorp S.A. de C.V., Transoft migrated the entire set of L’Oreal industrial applications and data from its HP e3000 server environment to a Windows 2000 Server system.

Using the Transoft Legacy Liberator toolset, Transoft relocated mission-critical programs and data built for L’Oreal’s HP e3000 server to an open environment running Acucorp’s ACUCOBOL-GT® and Microsoft SQL/Server, preserving all the functions and screen layouts of the former system. As a result, L’Oreal avoids the huge risks of reengineering and saves on potentially high maintenance and programming costs due to the upcoming end of support for HP e3000 platforms worldwide.

L’Oreal’s open-system applications now run on an HP ProLiant DL740 server, with four Intel Xeon processors running at 2.0GHz/1 MB, 4 GB of RAM and a 60 GB hard disk.

"We are very pleased to help L’Oreal in Mexico evolve to a modern architecture," said Dave Roth, vice president of business development for Transoft. "L’Oreal is a leader in producing and exporting cosmetics in Mexico and Latin America. It does not need the risk of replacing all its highly valued HP e3000 applications and data with packages or new application developments. We offered the best alternative with a smooth transition from the HP environment to a modern Microsoft solution."

The technical advantages gained by L’Oreal after choosing Transoft are another key element of its decision. "Besides the end of support for the HP e3000, we found it hard to interact with and expand this platform," said Jesús Solórzano, manager of industrial IT at L’Oreal. "With this move to open systems, we are now much more flexible and have effectively increased our IT ‘brain power’ to assist with L’Oreal’s future growth. We could not have made this move without Transoft."




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