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"Our continued dependency on the Data General mainframe was an unacceptable business risk. With there being no possible package replacement for the system, migration offered the quickest, cheapest and minimum risk option."

Andy Foster, Chief Operating Officer, Christie's

Christie's, the international auctioneer with 57 offices in 32 countries and 10 salerooms around the world, had a critical property auction system (PROPERTY) which was developed over the last 20+ years. It contained customized functionality to support the unique nature of Christie's business. Unfortunately, PROPERTY was running on end-of-life Data General Eclipse MV hardware with the AOS/VS II operating system.

Following Transoft's PathFinder assessment and proof of concept to de-risk the key technical elements, Transoft migrated Christie's critical application using the Transoft Legacy Liberator toolset, which automates the migration process.

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