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Success Stories: NIIT Technologies Case Study - Migration Automation Helped a Leading Insurance Company Reduce Migration Effort and Risk



The client’s legacy order entry and processing system was used to process
orders for securities/mutual fund units. It was developed using DEC Basic and
DEC COBOL programming languages. The user interface was text based.
The legacy nature of the DEC platform made maintenance work cumbersome
and change management time-consuming. In order to manage this platform
effectively, the client was looking for a technology partner with proven expertise
who could assist them to migrate to modern .Net architecture.

Business Solution
NIIT Technologies, using their proven onsite-offshore model, completed
migration of the legacy order entry and processing system along with the data
held in Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) files to a modern .Net/SQL
server based architecture. The user interface (UI) of the system was restructured
to use modern .Net with AJAX. However, the business functionality of the
system was kept the same. In addition, there were some batch programs and
Virtual Machine Systems (VMS) control scripts that were also migrated.
The NIIT Technologies team was not familiar with the DEC platform and the
functionality of the application. The client initiated week-long training along
with manuals for the entire team. The team understood the environment from
the training and manuals supplied and carried out a tool-based assessment
of the source code. It included analysis of inventory, control flow, redundancy,
dead code, cross referencing with data fields and stores etc. After completely
understanding the source code, a strategy for migration to .Net was
formulated. The strategy was shared and a go-ahead was taken from the
client before carrying out the actual migration.




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