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What is Unix Migration?

Platform modernization for UNIX systems

Business processes are rarely static; they are created, mature, and evolve or become obsolete. Because enterprise applications and platforms are reflections of these business processes, they are also not immune to business change. Ignoring this reality can burden a business with legacy systems and hamper its ability to compete effectively in the new economy.

If your enterprise is like most, you have a variety of platforms that span decades of IT innovation. These may include various UNIX-based servers that run legacy versions of UNIX, from Solaris to AIX. Furthermore, you may run a legacy database, such as Sybase, Informix or Oracle, with applications written in C/C++, Java, PowerBuilder or a 4GL language. Maintaining these platforms and technologies can drain your budget and limit your ability to run, grow and transform your business. Platform modernization shifts the balance so you can:

  • Reduce the cost of running your business-critical applications
  • Invest in business growth
  • Improve your rate of return
  • Transform your business with tools and technologies that increase your agility
  • Move your applications to the cloud


You can take a number of approaches to modernizing your business-critical applications, but the best place to land is the Microsoft® Application Platform. By making this choice, you’ll get more value from the applications that run your business today. What’s more, you’ll be able to create new applications that meet your changing business needs.

Replace your UNIX system

Many UNIX shops already use their mid-range servers to run distributed systems for business-critical applications such as messaging, business intelligence (BI), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management. Now you can add greater agility and considerably more support at a significantly reduced cost by moving to the Microsoft Application Platform. Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 R2, Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 R2 and Microsoft Windows Azure™ provide all the reliability, availability, serviceability and security (RAS+S) your business-critical applications need.

Microsoft and its partners provide a number of tools to ease your transition from UNIX to Windows®. Microsoft provides robust scripting via Windows PowerShell™, which is built on the common language runtime (CLR) of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Microsoft also provides UNIX emulation on Windows via the Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA). In addition, UNIX emulation on Windows is provided by partner solutions such as Cygwin, UWin and the MKS Toolkit. These products provide an environment for UNIX-based application development, UNIX-based shell scripts and integration with other UNIX systems.

Preserve your data

If UNIX application migration raises concerns about your database, Microsoft provides the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) tool to help identify potential database migration candidates and the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) to help perform the migration. This toolkit dramatically reduces the effort, cost and risk of migrating from database systems such as Oracle and Sybase to SQL Server 2008 R2. SSMA assesses migration efforts while automating schema and data migration. With this tool, you’ll quickly convert Oracle or Sybase database schemas to SQL Server schemas, upload the resulting schemas into SQL Server and migrate your data. Click here to learn more or, watch this short video.

Partner for success

Microsoft has organized the Platform Modernization Alliance (PMA) to help customers migrate and modernize business-critical workloads to the Microsoft Application Platform. Our network of partners is unified by the goal of making platform modernization easier and more efficient while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). If you’re ready to develop an effective modernization strategy and implement your roadmap, the PMA can help. Click here to learn more.

Move to the Microsoft Application Platform

The Microsoft Application Platform is the future for business-critical workloads because it offers a comprehensive, integrated set of technologies that help you maximize the value of your applications. What’s more, it provides a consistent environment for system management and application development through readily available skills.

In addition, Microsoft provides businesses with the price-to-performance ratios, reliability, productivity and agility they need to support all their business-critical application investments. Finally, Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Windows Azure™ cover infrastructure, databases, middleware and applications, offering nearly identical experiences inside and outside the data center, on the edge and in the cloud.

There has never been a better time to make your transition. If you’re ready to move beyond the limitations of your current platform, we’ll help you lower your costs, expand your options and increase your agility. Click here to learn more.

Modernization Partners

Many organizations have accumulated technology that impedes business productivity and flexibility. According to Accenture research, more than half of all business applications are between 5 and 20 years old. Accenture can help clients obtain more value out of existing investments by re-platforming, decommissioning, remediating, and reverse engineering existing or legacy technologies and applications. The result is increased stability and flexibility, decreased cost, and an extended life of current IT assets.
Arbutus Software
Since 2003, Arbutus Software has provided organizations with simple and flexible solutions to access, convert and migrate data from a wide variety of data sources and data types, including the most complex legacy and mainframe file structures.
When it comes to moving from your legacy environment to the Microsoft Application Platform, you need expertise in both environments. To put it simply, we come prepared with vast modernization experience and expert knowledge in a variety of platforms, including Microsoft. We offer cost-effective, low-risk, high-yield modernization solutions you can trust. Our modernization services are part of a larger set of offerings around application portfolio management and modernization (APM&M).
Avanade provide a wide variety of services based on the most advanced Microsoft technologies and current industry standards. We focus on helping you integrate, consolidate and streamline your systems, applications and data across the entire enterprise. That means you can improve operational efficiency and get better performance out of your existing resources—all while reducing total cost of ownership.
Capax Global
At Capax Global, our stated objective is to leave every client organization stronger than we found it. We employ over 700 of the world’s best technologists, people who have deep knowledge of the industries that we serve, including financial services, accounting and auditing, pharmaceutical and media industries. We specialize in providing end-to-end solution delivery of whatever you need to make your IT successful, including solution engagements that support everything from shrink-wrap product deployment to custom application development, application hosting and technical staffing solutions.
Cap Gemini
Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, enables its clients to transform and perform through technologies. Capgemini provides its clients with insights and capabilities that boost their freedom to achieve superior results through a unique way of working, the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM. The Group relies on its global delivery model called Rightshore®, which aims to get the right balance of the best talent from multiple locations, working as one team to create and deliver the optimum solution for clients.
CGI is a business and technology service company, employing 39,000 people across 36 countries. We deliver business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing across all industries and business functions. We create value by successfully integrating people, business and technology to create effective, sustainable business ecosystems. Our people apply insight to create innovative answers to your business needs.
COBOL-IT’s Mission is to be an Open Source leader, to deliver reliable, high-performance software, and to reduce total cost of ownership and increase return on investment for corporate end-users, government agencies, and ISVs running mission-critical applications written in COBOL.
Coeo give companies that rely on their data, the confidence to grow their business and the information to make better decisions. Coeo provide expert services to companies running data centric solutions on the Microsoft platform. We deliver SQL Server Consulting, Managed Support and Remote DBA services across all markets in the UK and mainland Europe. Coeo services cover the complete IT lifecycle from requirements analysis, solution design and delivery to 24x7 operations and support for the database platform.
ConsulVerus is a highly specialized SAP consulting company which concentrates on the underlying technology necessary for implementing, running and supporting SAP. ConsulVerus provides its clients with a portfolio of services that include the following: strategy consulting, architecture analysis and design, disaster recovery planning, upgrades, homogeneous and heterogeneous system copies (OS/DB migrations), Unicode conversions, and traditional basis support and administration.
CU2 Global
CU2 Global, the Global Data Conversion Experts. CU2 Global is the developer and distributor for application and database conversion automation technology. The automation technology is specifically aimed at dramatically reducing the reliance and need for specialist and high cost human resources, and in significantly compressing implementation timeframes.
Cygnet Infotech
Cygnet Infotech is a global provider of IT solutions and services with a development center in Ahmedabad, India and a regional office in New Jersey, USA. Since our inception in 2000, we have been providing enterprise solutions development, customization and integration services to businesses as well as ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and software development companies leveraging our expertise in Microsoft technologies like .NET, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Silverlight, BizTalk and Office 365 as well as other technologies.
DB Best
DB Best is internationally known for comprehensive data-management services, database development and migration, as well as creation of highly successful web and mobile systems. Hundreds of customers rely on our 150 developers for cost-effective strategies in migrating and modernizing their application assets.
Modernization can make your business more efficient and agile, while lowering ongoing operational costs. It can also help you adopt new requirements such as mobility, virtualization and cloud computing. Dell Services partners with you to help you identify the best modernization strategies for each of your applications based on your business. Whether you are looking to re-host mainframe and proprietary UNIX® applications onto industry-standard platforms, re-architect legacy applications to modern architectures such as.NET, move custom applications to packages or gain a clear understanding of your entire application portfolio, we can help you transition your valuable IT assets to a more modern infrastructure.
Elastacloud are a Big Data specialist Azure Consultancy (SI - Systems Integrator) that have worked across the spectrum of Windows Azure since the early previews. We are considered thought leaders in all things Microsoft Azure. We have worked across industry verticals have aided considerably in the uptake of Microsoft Azure. Our core focus is on Big Data challenges running on Windows Azure.
For over 10 years, our teams are involved in technical consulting and expertise positioned on the Microsoft enterprise platform and on the data security. Microsoft solutions are an integral part of our strategy to help our customers to innovate and to optimize their IT. We support companies in innovation and security of their Information System. We create solutions around Microsoft technologies, combining design and innovation for our users.
foursquared, Inc.
foursquared, Inc. has been a leader in providing Microsoft-SAP integrated solutions and expertise since 2001. With more than 30 years of combined experience enabling customers with unique and innovative solutions for their SAP landscapes, foursquared, Inc. is focused on the intersection of Microsoft and SAP technology. We offer the resources, expertise and solutions required to bring the highest levels of efficiency, manageability and agility to your business. Our solutions demonstrate our deep experience in providing on-demand solutions, education, and implementation support.
FreeSoft has been involved in the legacy application modernization business since 1998. It has built a series of conversion technologies and a unique project methodology with all requested processes to understand and transform a variety of legacy systems into modern IT environment and new architecture. Its unique modernization framework allows FreeSoft to provide a service to customers to take their legacy IT assets, including valuable business processes and data into modern open IT environments and a completely new software architecture, while ensuring the lowest possible risk and cost factors of these highly complex IT projects.
Fujitsu America
Fujitsu is a leading provider of systems integration and technology consulting services. Our expertise in legacy system modernization and our PROGRESSION service offering / tool suite (IBM, Unisys and HP mainframe to .NET) has expanded to include: AS/400 RPG to .NET (VB, C#). Other modernization capabilities include: application value assessment (AVA), modernization of client server systems using obsolete technology/ programming language such as VB6 and PowerBuilder to.NET; NATURAL/ADABAS to .NET; MS Access to SQL Server. Lotus notes to Exchange.
HCL Technologies is a leading global IT services company working with clients in the areas that impact and redefine the core of their businesses. We offer an integrated portfolio of services including software-led IT solutions, remote infrastructure management, engineering and R&D services and business services.
Hewlett Packard
HP is helping organizations bring their IT architectures and application environments to a new state—one that aligns with their desired future vision. For many companies, modernization starts with rationalizing your current application environment, and then moving forward with modernizing the application. In this way, HP Application Modernization services can help your company transform your application environment today into the one you'll need for tomorrow.
Hitachi Consulting
Hitachi Consulting is a globally managed Gold Certified Partner with Microsoft and a recognized leader in delivering business and technology solutions built on the Microsoft platform. Our Gold Certified status and numerous awards for customer excellence and Microsoft Partner of the Year speak to our level of commitment to delivering professional results and ensuring your success.
iGATE provides full-spectrum consulting, technology and business process outsourcing services differentiated by a Business Outcomes-based business model. Driven by the philosophy of “Accountable for Clients’ Business” powered by iTOPS (Integrated Technology and Operations) platforms, iGATE provides effective solutions to over 184 Fortune 1000 clients globally across verticals including insurance, healthcare and life sciences, banking and financial services, manufacturing, retail, logistics and distribution, communications, energy and utilities, media, entertainment, leisure, travel, and independent software vendors.
Information Analysis Incorporated
Information Analysis Incorporated (“IAI”) is an information technology (IT) product and professional services company. We provide program management and essential technical services such as requirements analysis, software design, programming, testing and varied support services to Federal, State, and Commercial clients. IAI provides a full range of IT services specializing in Legacy Mainframe Modernization and Migration, Custom Software Applications, IT Staff Augmentation, Electronic Forms conversion, eBusiness solutions, applications for Mobile/Tablet devices, Desktop Cyber Security, Business Intelligence tools, Help Desk Support, full life cycle Oracle development and Web Enterprise Portal Development.
Businesses the world over use multiple technologies as their business grows and diversifies. IT organizations, therefore, house—and are often saddled with—a large array of technology platforms and applications. According to industry estimates, over 70 percent of the world's data still reside on legacy systems. Infosys solutions offer enhanced flexibility to your enterprise by modernizing and migrating your legacy systems to help you increase business responsiveness, lower costs and mitigate risks.
Ispirer Systems
Ispirer Systems is an Independent Software Vendor that has taken the automation of database and application migration to unprecedented new levels. We help companies to modernise their database and applications infrastructure extremely quickly and at low cost, whilst preserving their investment in their existing systems.
L&T Infotech
L&T Infotech L&T Infotech provides end-to-end solutions and services in BFSI; Travel & Logistics; Media & Entertainment; Healthcare; Energy & Process; Utilities and E&C; Hi-tech & Consumer Electronics; CPG, Retail & Pharmaceuticals; Auto & Aerospace; Industrial Products; as well as Testing; Mobility; Infrastructure Management System; BI/DW; SAP; Oracle and Microsoft; Enterprise Integration; and Manufacturing Execution Systems in addition to an innovative CIO-thought partnership program that provides a value-driven edge to clients.
KiZAN Technologies
The solutions that KiZAN offers range across the entire Microsoft technology stack including, but not limited to: Collaboration and Social Solutions, Dynamics, Customer Application Development, Server and Directory Services, Systems Management, Communications, Service Management and Automation, Cloud Services, Analytics/Data Platform, as well as the ability to assist customers with planning, requirements, experience and processes.
Levi, Ray, & Shoup , Inc. (LRS®)
LRS software brings mainframe-class dependability to your output environment regardless of where and how you choose to run your applications. Together with our application modernization partners, LRS streamlines application re-hosting and modernization projects while fully leveraging your IT investments.
Micro Focus
Microsoft and Micro Focus provide customers with compelling mainframe migration, development re-hosting and test re-hosting solutions that enable the extension of key COBOL and PL/I business applications to .NET, next-generation web and Cloud platforms. To ensure that any modernization approach is a low-risk, high-return alternative to rewrite or replacement strategies, joint collaboration between Microsoft and Micro Focus has provided a ‘Virtual Mainframe Appliance’, which replicates the mainframe environment on the Microsoft Windows server platform.
Customers around the world have recognized the business benefits of moving existing business critical and mission critical IT solutions to the Microsoft Application Platform. Microsoft has helped these and other companies to modernize and optimize their business applications and data centers by consolidating existing application investments. If, as you deploy Windows, your company is looking to leverage its existing application investments that are currently bound to legacy UNIX, midrange and mainframe platforms, then be sure to contact the Enterprise Platform Modernization team at Microsoft. Team members are experienced UNIX, midrange and mainframe professionals who can help you explore the business benefits and overcome the technical challenges associated with application migration and modernization projects.
Morphis is a company that specialises exclusively in legacy systems modernisation and migration. Founded as ATX Software in 1995, the company changed its name to Morphis in 2013. Morphis has developed a suite of software tools and a unique methodology that ensures that each legacy systems modernisation or migration project is delivered in a fast, safe and cost efficient manner. We also ensure that the modernised system conforms to both international and client specific standards of software engineering.
NIIT Technologies
NIIT Technologies is a global IT services and solutions provider addressing the requirements of clients across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. The Company’s portfolio of service offerings encompasses Application Development and Maintenance, Infrastructure Managed Services, Digital Services and Business Process Management. Aligning with its strategy to ‘Focus and Differentiate’, the Company has built a robust portfolio of marquee customers in key verticals such as Travel and Transportation, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media and the Government.
Nutanix, Inc
Nutanix delivers web-scale infrastructure to medium and large enterprises with its software-driven Virtual Computing Platform, natively converging compute and storage into a single solution to drive unprecedented simplicity in the datacenter. Customers can start with a few servers and scale to thousands, with predictable performance and economics. With a patented elastic data fabric and consumer-grade management, Nutanix is the blueprint for application-optimized and policy-driven infrastructure.
OpenLegacy modernizes legacy systems with our revolutionary, standards-driven open source platform that makes the entire process go faster, smoother, and easier. As the only modernization platform with no upfront license costs, barriers of entry, constraints, or vendor lock-in, it allows you to fully embrace agile development and speed up your time to market.
Persistent Systems, Inc.
Persistent is a global company specializing in software product development and technology services. For more than 20 years, we’ve partnered closely with pioneering start-ups, leading enterprises and the world's largest technology brands helping them accelerate innovation, time to market and enterprise transformation. Our fine-tuned product development and award winning engineering processes have delivered over 3000 best-in-class solutions for more than 300 technology, telecommunication, life science, healthcare, banking and financial services customers around the world -- in just the past five years alone.
Pique Solutions
Pique Solutions is a business and management consulting firm focused on information technology. Pique’s IT Infrastructure Optimization Practice provides our clients’ end customers with an expert team of business and IT consultants specialized in business process assessment and engineering, assessment of IT infrastructures and application portfolios, identifying alignment gaps, and developing customized business cases and roadmaps for IT infrastructure optimization.
Founded in 1997, Pythian is a global leader in data consulting and managed services that specializes in optimizing and managing mission-critical data systems. Pythian blends the world’s leading data experts with advanced, secure service delivery processes to create the industry’s best standard of care for its clients.
REALTECH is an international company offering consulting services and software products for the support of business processes across its customers' entire value chain. The focus of its work is on the minimization of the administrative hassles associated with IT operation, the optimization and consolidation of existing IT infrastructures, and the monitoring and optimization of mission-critical processes. The success of REALTECH AG is based on two integrated business units: REALTECH Software and REALTECH Consulting.
Scalability Experts
Scalability Experts (SE) is an internationally recognized leader in data management and business intelligence for complex data platforms. With award-winning expertise and proven methodologies, Scalability Experts delivers solutions-based services, consulting and training that empower mid-to-large-scale enterprises drive business performance with improved decision making and operational efficiencies.
Simplement, Inc. is an ISV specializing in software solutions for companies running SAP. Simplement is paving a new path to SAP insights for enterprise organizations worldwide via a suite of integrated software offerings based on the latest in Microsoft technologies. Our offerings include our flagship product, Simplement Data Liberator (SDL), and our more recently introduced Business Insights packages. Simplement solutions leverage Microsoft’s powerful BI stack (SharePoint, Office, SQL Server), enabling our customers to harness the value of their existing investments in Microsoft and SAP.
Softline is a leading global IT (information technology) service and solution provider operating in different markets all around the world including Russia and CIS, Latin America, India and Asia. Our services include end-to-end technology solutions, software licensing, hardware products and services. We have a strong cloud offering powered by our own cloud platform.
SolidQ is a global provider of consulting, mentoring and training services for Microsoft Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with Gold and Silver competencies, our team of MVPs, PhDs, authors, speakers and recognized industry experts has been delivering proven results since 2002.
SQLines offers migration software and services to help customers migrate their databases and applications from Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Teradata to Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure.
Stratus Technologies
Over the past 3 decades, thousands of customers in more than 40 countries have come to rely on Stratus to provide the industry’s highest levels of uptime. Our people, systems and technologies all have a singular purpose … to protect our customers’ most important applications. It’s more than a mission; it’s a corporate culture.
Syd Consulting
Syd is a SAP specialist cloud centric consulting organisation delivering high quality consulting and services leveraging results on cloud technologies Syd is committed to be lead the change and be at the forefront of driving value for customers with the new paradigm the cloud brings.
Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a leading global IT services provider and was the first billion-dollar Indian IT services organization by annual revenues. Since its inception in 1968, TCS has pioneered many of the significant developments in the Indian IT services industry, including the offshore delivery model for IT services. TCS is a global organization with offices in 32 countries and development centers in 10 countries. TCS offers a comprehensive range of IT services to its clients in diverse industries such as banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail and transportation.
Transvive Inc.
Transvive Inc. is a privately owned company headquartered in Toronto, ON. Transvive’s professional services team has been providing strategic IT solutions and consulting services globally for over a decade. Through best-practices methodologies, processes and tools established and refined over several years, our systems architects have successfully led and completed numerous projects of various types and sizes – from large-scale system overhauls to simple GUI modernizations. Our clients span diverse industries, including insurance, manufacturing, retail, financial services and the public sector.
Unicon Conversion Technologies Inc. is a privately held company incorporated in the State of California. Formed in 1985, we have always specialized exclusively in performing platform migration and modernization projects. Their long list of customers represent all areas of the private sector, including insurance, financial, healthcare, retail, distribution and manufacturing; and all areas of the public sector including city, county, state and federal.
Vision Solutions
Vision Solutions, Inc. a long-standing Microsoft Gold partner, is the world’s leading provider of information availability software and services for Windows, Linux, IBM Power Systems and Cloud Computing markets. Vision’s trusted Double-Take®, MIMIX® and iTERA™ high availability and disaster recovery brands support business continuity, satisfy compliance requirements and increase productivity.
Wipro is the #1 provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform. Every initiative, every partnership, and above all, our project execution levels are built around being the best. Our best has been achieved from the start - a beginning from where continuous evolution has made us the technology partner of choice for growing, established and nascent businesses.
ZSL, a Microsoft Gold Competent Partner and Recognized ISV, is based out of Edison, NJ having offices at US, UK, India, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East with 4000 employees worldwide. ZSL has a proven track record in providing industry solutions and services based on latest Microsoft technologies.