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Success Stories: IAI Project Synopsis: US Navy SPAWAR Mainframe to Windows Migration


IAI Project Synopsis: US Navy SPAWAR Mainframe to Windows Migration

IAI was engaged to assist the US Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), in the migration of their legacy COBOL applications development and testing environment from the existing IBM mainframe platform to a Microsoft Windows desktop platform. SPAWAR maintains millions of lines of COBOL code, comprising much of their personnel assignment and tracking systems, at their systems development center in New Orleans. Much of this code was developed utilizing a productivity/code generation tool (Micro Focus APS) that was being sundowned by the manufacturer. Mainframe APS had been extensively customized by the SPAWAR developers over the years, including the use of many custom macros, tailored to the special needs of the Navy.

IAI was selected due to our extensive knowledge of the mainframe APS, the desktop alternative (APMasterBuilder), the mainframe platform environment, and the target Microsoft Windows platform.

IAI successfully completed the conversion to the new APMasterBuilder environment, including the transformation of the custom macros, and the migration to the Microsoft Windows desktop platform, as well as training SPAWAR personnel in the use of the new toolset, in less than 6 months, enabling SPAWAR to continue its’ mission of support for the warfighter.




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