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< h2 style="margin:10pt 0in 0pt">Client

Name: US Army Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Command
Location: Ft. Lee, VA


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< h2 style="margin:10pt 0in 0pt">Business Situation

The US Army Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Command (STRICOM), National Simulation Center, at Ft. Lee, VA, has a mission to provide large-scale training exercises in battlefield logistics at locations around the world. This training addressed necessary functions from provisioning to casualty handling. Security issues compelled STRICOM to seek a solution enabling them to deploy the existing, mainframe-based system on a mobile platform that could be operated in remote locations in either "stand-alone" or "linked" modes. Additionally, the solution would need to operate in a secure environment, support up to 500 users in "stand-alone" mode, provide 2 – 5 second user response time, and be available 99% of the time. The existing system was written in CICS/COBOL with 1,250 BMS Maps, 1,570 simulation programs, 550+ job streams, and 370 indexed (VSAM) files. The system was called "LOGFED".

< h2 style="margin:10pt 0in 0pt">IAI Solution

Information Analysis, Inc. (IAI) proposed a solution based on the Micro Focus Server for Mainframe Migration product suite (now called Enterprise Server), for the Microsoft Windows platform. This solution provided full feature/function CICS emulation (including monitoring/intervention) on Windows, full utilization of existing OS390 JCL, and full VSAM/ISAM file support with automated data conversion. IAI, and the Micro Focus/Windows solution, was selected.

IAI used a collaborative approach to this project, working with STRICOM applications and systems personnel to leverage their knowledge of the application and our knowledge of the target environment and tools. This was necessary in order to comply with stringent STRICOM security restrictions on access to the system. IAI personnel were cleared but certain functions of the application required a higher clearance than Top Secret.

The project was successfully completed, achieving all of STRICOM’s objectives, and placed into production 7 months from project initiation.

< h2 style="margin:10pt 0in 0pt">Partner Technology

IAI and STRICOM used the Micro Focus Studio and Micro Focus Server for Mainframe Migration (now called Enterprise Server) products. These products allowed them to retain CICS screen handling, COBOL, and JCL with minimal changes to the batch code. The Revolve analysis tool provided new documentation for their system and assisted in finding identifying components.

< h2 style="margin:10pt 0in 0pt">Benefits to Client

STRICOM was able to utilize the migrated LOGFED system In production exercises 7 months from project inception. Additionally, although STICOM’s motivation for the migration was to achieve deployment agility, the Army estimated that operation of the LOGFED system on the Windows platform provided a cost savings of 66% over the cost of operating on the mainframe.

< h2 style="margin:10pt 0in 0pt">About IAI

IAI is a publicly traded Company (OTC:IAIC) that provides a full range of IT services, specializing in eBusiness solutions, enterprise portals, system migration and modernization, and enterprise application integration. In business since 1979, with headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, IAI provides services to government and commercial clients throughout the United States. IAI is a Micro Focus business partner and a member of the Microsoft Mainframe Migration Alliance.




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